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Trumpet Brand Seirogan Herbal Stomach Supplement

Trumpet Brand Seirogan Herbal Stomach Supplement

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400 pills/bottle

What is it:

Trumpet Brand Seirogan Herbal Stomach Pills is a herbal dietary supplement useful to help regulate the digestive system to maintain normal bowel functions. It is useful for stopping diarrhea due to digestive disorders, water contamination, and food poisoning. Also useful for runny, watery, or soft stools as well as stomach aches and vomiting (that may occur as secondary symptoms).

Which concerns is it good for:

  • diarrhea
  • loose, watery stools
  • general digestive upset
  • nausea and vomiting

What else you might like to know:

Its main active ingredient is Beechwood creosote, a traditional Japanese anti-diarrheal medication which is prepared by distilling the stems of beech trees into a colorless or light-yellow liquid. Other traditional herbs are then added to create the modern formulation, which is a safe and effective way to combat incidences of diarrhea from a variety of causes.

Ingredients: Phellodendron Bark (Huang Bai), Citrus Unshiu Peel (Chen Pi), Gambir Leaves (Gou Teng), Licorice Root (Gan Cao).

Other Ingredients: Water, Beechwood Creosote, Glycerin, Calcium Carboxymethyl-cellulose, Cinnamon Bark (Rou Gui).

Suggested Usage:
Take 3 pills after a meal with water up to 3 times a day as needed. For children 5-10 years of age, the recommended serving is 1 pill. For age 11-14 years, the recommended serving is 2 pills. Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

- Pregnant or lactating women should not take this product without consulting their healthcare professionals.
- Keep out of reach of children.

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