About Us

Started in 2017, root + spring is a Chinese family-owned medicine shoppe located in Los Angeles, California, USA. We provide a selection of popular herbal supplements and handcraft exceptional herbal soup and tea blends in small batches in our lab. Our finely crafted herbal blends are formulated using classic healing recipes of traditional Chinese medicine. They are sold domestically and worldwide via our website.

We want to help you feel great through gentle, herbal science - the same herbal science that has existed for thousands of years. All our Chinese herbal tea and soup mixes have been recipes known for generations and, before reaching you, undergo vigorous ingredient selection and are freshly packed in small batches.

We offer a lot of information about the wonders and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine (the oldest, most studied and organized holistic healing system in the world). For our herbal supplement selection, we have suggested formula pairings for optimal healing and advice on how to use the products most effectively. We also encourage seeing an herbalist to find your recommended path of natural healing.

Each of us create our own reality and healing is within our own hands. For any questions or comments, you can send an email to help@rootandspring.com or visit our Contact page for an online form. We are very responsive and will return your email immediately.

Thank you for visiting root + spring. We can't wait to be a part of your journey.