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Dendrobium Stem (Shi Hu) - Herbal Tincture

Dendrobium Stem (Shi Hu) - Herbal Tincture

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Size: 1 oz (w/dropper included)-- approx. 10 days supply


What is it?:

Dendrobium Stem (Shi Hu) Herbal Tincture is a single Chinese Herb that functions as a yin tonic. This means that it replaces the cooling, nourishing fluids in the body that have been depleted over time due to chronic overwork, illness, or other factors.

Traditionally in China, the raw herb-- orchid stems-- were steeped in water to make tea and drunk as a health and longevity tonic. Today, this herb is though of as a remedy for too much heat in the stomach (which may present w/dry, parched mouth & throat, low fever, severe thirst, and slight or burning pain in stomach and abdomen), or "Kidney yin deficiency" (which may present w/sore lower back and knees and/or various vision problems associated with deficiency, like poor night vision, blurry vision, diminished visual acuity, etc...

What is it good for:

  • dry, parched mouth & throat, severe thirst, low fever, and stomach pain/discomfort
  • sore lower back and knees
  • weak, blurry vision, floaters, platycoria

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:

  • tonify Stomach yin
  • tonify Kidney yin
  • generate fluids
  • clear deficiency heat

What else you might like to know:

It is important to understand that Chinese herbs work by restoring balance to the body. This means that you usually have to take an herb or a formula for a longer period of time than you would with pharmaceuticals in order to get results-- usually at least a month, and often times longer than that... it all depends on the individual and the nature of the ailment being addressed.

Ingredients: Dendrobium stem (Shi hu)

Directions for use:

Shake Well before each use.

Maintenance Serving: Dissolve 1-2 droppers (1/2 tsp.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily.

Augmented Serving: Take 1 full tsp. 2 to 3 times daily in warm water or juice or as directed by a qualified herbalist familiar with the use of Chinese herbs and formulas.

To evaporate alcohol place in hot water.

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