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Warm the Gall Bladder (Wen Dan Tang) - Herbal Tincture

Warm the Gall Bladder (Wen Dan Tang) - Herbal Tincture

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Size: 1 oz (w/dropper included)-- approx. 10 days supply


What is it?:

Warm the Gall Bladder (Wen Dan Tang) Herbal Tincture is a formula that has a wide variety of applications because it treats a particular diagnostic pattern in Chinese Medicine. It can be useful for a wide variety of issues, including digestive difficulties, heart & nervous system issues, mental-emotional imbalances, and respiratory issues (see bullet points below for specifics).

In terms of Chinese Medicine, it removes excess phlegm and heat from the Gallbladder channel; while this has technical implications for the practitioner, what it boils down to is that this formula will remove the obstacles that are keeping the body's qi from circulating smoothly and "correctly" (according to TCM theory).

What is key here is that an individual has excess phlegm with heat. This will usually show up as a thick, rooted, yellowish coating on the tongue. Other symptoms indicating the proper use of this formula will vary widely (see directly below).

    What is it good for:

    • gallbladder issues, such as cholecystitis, hepatitis
    • digestive issues such as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc...
    • heart issues, such as hypertension, myocarditis, premature atrial contractions, and angina
    • mental-emotional issues, such as depression, insomnia, psychosis, and autonomic dystonia
    • respiratory issues, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis
    • other issues caused by excess phlegm heat, such as morning sickness, menopause, Meniere's disease

    Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:

    • clear excess phlegm and heat
    • clear Gallbladder channel
    • regulates qi
    • harmonizes the Stomach (resolves ST - GB disharmony)

    What else you might like to know:

    Wen Dan Tang is sometimes referred to as "Rising Courage Decoction". This is a reference to the notion in TCM theory that the Gallbladder is related to one's emotional ability to be courageous and decisive in facing life's trials and tribulations-- in other words, healthy and balanced Gallbladder energy will support "Rising Courage" and confidence in a person and help dispel timidity and indecisiveness.

    It is important to understand that Chinese herbs work by restoring balance to the body. This means that you usually have to take an herb or a formula for a longer period of time than you would with pharmaceuticals in order to get results-- usually at least a month, and often times longer than that... it all depends on the individual and the nature of the ailment being addressed.

    Ingredients: Bamboo shavings (Zhu ru), Immature bitter orange (Zhi shi), Pinellia (Ban xia), Aged tangerine peel (Chen pi), Poria Fungus (Fu ling), Licorice root (Gan cao), Fresh ginger (Sheng jiang)

    Directions for use:

    Shake Well before each use.

    Maintenance Serving: Dissolve 1-2 droppers (1/2 tsp.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily.

    Augmented Serving: Take 1 full tsp. 2 to 3 times daily in warm water or juice or as directed by a qualified herbalist familiar with the use of Chinese herbs and formulas.

    To evaporate alcohol place in hot water.

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