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Lao Wei

Shou Wu Pian Fo-Ti Extract Pills | by Lao Wei

Shou Wu Pian Fo-Ti Extract Pills | by Lao Wei

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Size 1.06 oz (30g), 60 tablets

Made in USA

Also called He Shou Wu Pian, Fo-Ti Concentrate, Polygonum Multiforum Pills

What it is:
Shou Wu Pian is one of the oldest cures recorded in Chinese medicinal handbooks for stimulating hair growth, invigorating sex drive, strengthening bones and muscles, and controlling the aging process. The convenient, pill form can effectively replace the hard-to-take tonic Shou Wu Chih. 

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Aging
✔ Premature gray hair
✔ Lack of energy
✔ Erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual drive 

Key benefits:
- Restores hair color
- Detoxifies body
- Improves health of brain cells
- Nourishes the liver and kidney
- Powerful, anti-aging herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Nourishes blood
- Helps balance Qi energy
- Supports tendon and bone
- Moistens the intestines 

What else you need to know:
A number of American and English scientific studies have confirmed that the main ingredient of Shou Wu Pian, Fo-Ti (also known as he shou wu, foti, fleece flower or Chinese knotweed) stimulates the body to produce many longevity-promoting substances including superoxide dismutase, which is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body. Fo-Ti has been shown to protect and repair DNA, thereby extending lifespan. While this is a compelling reason on its own to take Fo-Ti, we encourage you to explore the many incredible benefits this herb could have for you for promoting health, wellness, and spiritual awareness.

Suggested usage:
- Take 4 tablets 2 times daily with warm water.
- As the herbal formula is a mild tonic and acts slowly, results may not be noticeable within 3 months. It is suggested to take it for 3 months in full dose as the first regimen. The dose may then be reduced.

Fo-Ti (He Shou Wu or Fleeceflower), Adhesive Rehmannia, Prepared Rehmannia, Peony, Chuanxiong, Milkvetch, Magnesium Stearate
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