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Lao Wei

Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (Healthy Vision) | by Lao Wei

Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (Healthy Vision) | by Lao Wei

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Size 1.23 fl. oz (35g), 100 pills (350mg each)

Made in USA

What it is:

Ming Mu Di Huang Wan is a 100% herbal formula that works on two different levels: herbs that support the kidney and liver yin, and a natural solution to improve your vision.

When Yin energy is deficient in the liver, blurred vision and other eye problems can manifest, such as increased sensitivity to light (photophobia), dry eyes, blurry vision, excessive tearing (especially in the wind), eye fatigue, and general inflammation and irritation of the eyes. Typical yin deficiency may also include symptoms like dryness, dizziness, night sweats, insomnia, or constipation. These symptoms may be relieved with prolonged use of Ming Mu Di Huang Wan.

This formula is derived from the famous herbal formula Liu Wei Di Huang Wan which also treats kidney and liver yin deficiency, the difference being this formula has the addition of herbs that specifically target the eyes.

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Dry eyes
✔ Blurry vision
✔ Sensitivity to light
✔ Excessive tearing
✔ Rapidly diminishing eyesight
✔ Pannus
✔ Yin deficiency

Key benefits:
- Improves vision
- Nourishes and de-stresses overworked eyes
- Brightens the eyes
- Animal-friendly

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Enriches the Yin
- Nourishes the liver and kidney
- Brightens the eyes

What else you need to know:
Ming Mu Di Huang formula has demonstrated clinical efficacy, along with Western treatments, for Retinitis Pigmentosa. The ingredient goji berries (Gou Qi Zi) increases plasma zeaxanthin and antioxidant levels as well as protects from hypopigmentation and soft drusen accumulation in the macula of elderly subjects.

Suggested usage:
- Take 6 pills, 2 times a day with warm water.
This product is recommended to be taken two hours apart from all other medications.

Wolfberry, Chrysanthemum, Rehmannia Root, Abalone Shell, Caltrap, Yam Rhizome, Peony Bark, Cornelian Cherry, Indian Bread, Waterplantain.

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