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Lao Wei

Dogbane Combo Tablets (Luo Bu Ma) | by Lao Wei

Dogbane Combo Tablets (Luo Bu Ma) | by Lao Wei

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Size 1.06 fl. oz (30g), 60 tablets

Made in USA

Also called Luobuma, Eucommia Ulmoides Apocynum Venetum

What it is:
Luo Bu Ma Tea Pills have all the benefits of the loose Luo Bu Ma tea but in an easy tablet form. Research on Luo Bu Ma, or Dogbane, has been conducted in Asia and several Western countries that show that this medicinal herb lowers blood pressure (by increasing nitric oxide and thus vasodilation), has diuretic, cardiotonic, and antioxidant activity, and antidepressant potential which can reduce anxiety.

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Depression
✔ Hypertension
✔ Anxiety
✔ Dizziness
✔ High blood pressure

Key benefits:
- Reduces stress and tension
- Promotes a peaceful mind
- Non habit-forming

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Extinguishes wind
- Nourishes the heart and quiets the spirit
- Clears heat from the liver
- Transforms dampness

What else you need to know:
Up until recently, Luo Bu Ma was a folk medicinal mostly found and drunk as a healthy beverage tea in Inner Mongolia. However, this medicinal recently has been found to lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol at the same time as raising high density (good) cholesterol, reduce edema due either to kidney or heart dysfunction, enhance immunity, fight against anxiety and promote longevity. This herb is now often taken both preventively and remedially by the middle-aged and elderly in China and Japan.

Suggested usage:
- Take 4 to 6 tablets each time, 3 times a day.

Dogbane Leaf (Luo Bu Ma), Common Selfheal Spike, Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome, Nacre, Achyranthes Root, Hawthorn Fruit, Chrysanthemum Flower
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