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Prince of Peace

American Ginseng Instant Tea - Prince of Peace

American Ginseng Instant Tea - Prince of Peace

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Size 30 tea bags 

What it is:
American Ginseng has a reputation as a superfood, and for good reason! American ginseng is unbelievable for natural energy boosts, stress relief, strengthening the immune system, and as a stimulant. People often use ginseng to fight infections such as colds and flu, and it is backed by scientific evidence that the herb might help in preventing colds and flu or making symptoms milder when taken as a preventative measure.

Some people use American ginseng to improve digestion and for loss of appetite, as well as for nausea, colon inflammation, and gastritis. 
American ginseng is also used for low iron in the blood (anemia), diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, nerve pain, erectile dysfunction - the list of benefits of ginseng is never-ending. 

Since ancient times, Ginseng has been the optimum natural healthy product. For the people who want to enjoy the benefits but don’t have the time to boil or cook, Prince of Peace’s high grade American Ginseng Instant Tea is your best fit. American Ginseng Tea has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your enjoyment from what is prized as one of the high valued ginsengs in the world.It is suitable for all people in all seasons.

This ancient but still sought after natural gift to mankind has long been treasured and safely consumed by millions throughout the world for its exclusive properties - the Rb ginsenosides, for example, are double the potency compared to Korean ginseng.

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Low energy
✔ Stress
✔ Indigestion
✔ Nausea
✔ High blood pressure
✔ Erectile dysfunction

Key benefits:
- Increases metabolism
- Supports weight loss
- Supports fat burning
- Boosts energy
- Amazingly versatile - add it to teas, soups, or drink alone with honey
- Great replacement for coffee

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Invigorate Qi
- Calms the mind

What else you need to know:
Did you know Ginseng is one of only 13 herbs in the world that's labeled as scientifically "adaptogenic"? This means that ginseng has the unique capacity to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood, helping you to “adapt” more easily to difficult environments, such as cold, a stressful work situation, or fatigue.

Suggested usage:
- To make tea,  Dissolve the contents of one American Ginseng Instant Tea sachet in a cup (8 fl. Oz.) of either hot or cold water. Delicious with or without sweetening.

Extract of American Ginseng Roots (Panax Quinquefolium) in a glucose base.


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