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Lao Wei

Fructus Corni Combo (Mai Wei Di Huang Wan) | by Lao Wei

Fructus Corni Combo (Mai Wei Di Huang Wan) | by Lao Wei

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Amount: 100 Pills (350mg each)

Made in the USA

What is it?:

Fructus Corni Combo (Mai Wei Di Huang Wan) - by Lao Wei is a variation on the classic formula 6 Flavor Rehmannia (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan). It contains two additional herbs that direct its actions to the lungs and specifically treats Lung yin deficiency (i.e. a lack of  cooling, moistening, nourishing fluids to the lungs).

This formula is commonly used to address chronic dry cough, possibly with dry throat, and dry nasal passages in the elderly as well as chronic, dry cough in those with such conditions as tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes, and lungs damaged/weakened by long-term cigarette smoking.

As this formula also addresses underlying Kidney yin deficiency, other signs that point toward the appropriate use of this formula include dizziness, vertigo, ringing of the ears, and experiencing subjective sensations of heat in the body.

What concerns is it good for:

  • dry cough (little to no production of sputum)
  • dizziness
  • vertigo
  • sore lower back/kness

Traditional Chinese Medicine benefits:

  • Builds Lung Yin
  • Stops cough
  • Builds Kidney Yin

Suggested Usage:

As a dietary supplement, take 6 pills 2 times a day with warm water.


Rehmannia, Fructus Corni, Common Yam, Indian Bread, Peony Root, Waterplantain, Magnoliavine Fruit, Lilyturf Root

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