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Min Kang

Du Huo Jisheng Wan - by Min Kang

Du Huo Jisheng Wan - by Min Kang

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Size: 100 teapills per bottle

What Is it?

This is a traditional Chinese Medicine formula used to address arthritic-type pain and weakness in the lower half of the body, (especially lumbar region and the knees). This formula works best for joint pain & stiffness that is exacerbated by cold, damp weather.

What else you might like to know:

The two main herbs of this formula (Pubescent Angelica rhizome and Mulberry mistletoe) have long been used in China to combat the aches and pains of hard work and old age. As the cold, damp months of year approached, villagers brewed medicinal tea from the angelica root and mulberry twigs and sipped on it to alleviate pain and make life a little better. Today, we can just order the teapills online to get the same healing effect that has been used for centuries!


    Ginger root (Sheng jiang), Codonopsis root (Dang shen), Poria sclerotium (Fu ling), Eucommia bark (Du zhong), Pubescent Angelica Root (Du huo), Fang-Feng Root (Fang feng), Dong-Quai Root (Dang gui), Fragrant Angelica Root (Bai zhi), Mulberry Mistletoe Rhizome (Sang ji sheng), White Peony Root (Bai shao), Achyranthes Root (Huai niu xi), Cinnamon Bark (Rou gui), Large-Leaf Gentian Root (Qin jiao), Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome (Gan cao), Sichuan Lovage Rhizome (Chuan xiong)


    Take 8 pills 2 times a day with wine or warm water

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