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Lung Choy Shung Pain Relief Liquid Dit Da Jow First Aid

Lung Choy Shung Pain Relief Liquid Dit Da Jow First Aid

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Size 6.76 fl. oz, 1 bottle

Also called Five Photo Brand First Aid Antiseptic, Dit Da Jau, Die Da Jiu, Dit Da Jao

What it is:
Lung Choy Shung Pain Relief Liquid Dit Da Jow Liniment is a 4,000 year old formulation used to treat bruises of all kinds. Made in China, this is a legitimate Dit Da Jow formulation and is immensely popular with martial artists and professional athletes. It is also one of the finest liniments for breaking up black and blue marks and aid in stimulating the body's healing response to generate new tissues at the site of injury.

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Bruises
✔ Aches and pains
✔ Inflammation
✔ Sprains
✔ Strains

Key benefits:
- Relieves pain
- Encourages blood flow
- Supports the body's healing response
- Great for Gua sha therapy and/or advanced massage therapy by professional healthcare practitioners

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Clears heat
- Promotes blood circulation
- Breaks blood stasis

What else you need to know:
The best Dit Da Jow has some herbs in the bottle remaining (referred to as sediment). The sediment will continue to be extracted into your liniment creating a stronger Jow.

For extra strength, add pure tienchi powder (or tienchi ginseng), a well-known and precious herb similar to asian ginseng. It contains saponin a and flavonoids, which have been used by ancient and modern Chinese doctors to support the health of the blood and circulation.

Suggested usage:
- As soon as possible after injury, clean the affected area of skin. 
- Apply a small amount of the antiseptic to that area 1-3 times each day. You can cover it with a sterile bandage to reduce the chance of infection. If you do put a bandage on it, allow the skin to dry first.

Active Ingredients: Menthol 2.8%, Camphor 2.8%

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, alisma plantago-aquatica subsp. orientale root , angelica dahurica root, angelica sinensis root, atractylodes lancea root, atractylodes macrocephala root, cinnamomum cassia twig, citrus aurantium fruit, cullen corylifolium fruit, cuscuta chinensis seed, cyperus rotundus tuber, dioscorea villosa tuber, erycibe obtusifolia stem, fennel seed, frankincense, gleditsia sinensis fruit, ligusticum sinense subsp. chuanxiong root, myrrh, notopterygium franchetii root, paeonia x suffruticosa root bark, panax notoginseng root, polygonatum sibiricum root, polysorbate 80, prunus armeniaca seed, purified water, and tangerine peel

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