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Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) - Herbal Tincture

Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) - Herbal Tincture

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Size: 1 oz (w/dropper included)-- approx. 10 days supply


What is it?:

Astragalus Root Liquid Tincture (Huang Qi Tang) comes from the roots of a plant commonly called Mongolian Milkvetch. It grows native in Mongolia and Northern China and has been used in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine since before they started writing herb descriptions and formulas down (i.e. since before 200 AD). In modern times, it has become one of the most popular/well-known herbs in the natural foods/natural supplement world and is now cultivated commercially worldwide.

Modern research suggests that Huang qi/Astragalus boosts the primary energy of the body and so invigorates its metabolic, respiratory, and digestive/eliminative systems. The energizing and warming effects of this herb are particularly suited to revitalizing tired, fatigued muscles, which is why astragalus/Huang Qi has a long tradition of use in China by people who work outdoors in all kinds of weather (it gets mighty cold in Mongolia!).

It is also famed as being a powerful immune booster, circulating as it does amongst the subcutaneous membranes (i.e. just below the skin) to act as a kind of “armor” against bacterial and viral infections.

What is it good for:

  • fatigue
  • sluggish digestion
  • supports immune health

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:

  • Tonifies Spleen qi and raises yang
  • Tonifies Lung qi

What else you might like to know:

It is important to understand that Chinese herbs work by restoring balance to the body. This means that you usually have to take an herb or a formula for a longer period of time than you would with pharmaceuticals in order to get results-- usually at least a month, and often times longer than that... it all depends on the individual and the nature of the ailment being addressed.

Ingredients: Astragalus root (Huang qi)

Directions for use:

Shake Well before each use.

Maintenance Serving: Dissolve 1-2 droppers (1/2 tsp.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily.

Augmented Serving: Take 1 full tsp. 2 to 3 times daily in warm water or juice or as directed by a qualified herbalist familiar with the use of Chinese herbs and formulas.

To evaporate alcohol place in hot water.

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