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Bu Nao Wan - Authentic Solstice Medicine

Bu Nao Wan - Authentic Solstice Medicine

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Size: 300 pills/bottle

What is it?:

Bu Nao Wan is a natural herbal supplement which supports greater mental alertness when you are feeling fatigued or drowsy. It helps you to stay more mentally sharp and can improve feelings of restlessness. Bu Nao Wan also provides support for the health of your inner ear and brain.

What else you might like to know:

Bu Nao Wan is believed to provide support for better mental concentration and memory. It also can help to improve uneasiness, insomnia and restlessness. This herbal supplement also is believed to provide support for proper heart, kidney, and brain function so that you feel more focused and energetic.


Chinese angelica root (Dang gui), Schisandra berry (Wu wei zi), Bai zi ren (arborvitae seed), Gastrodia rhizome (Tian ma), English walnut (Hu tao ren), Sharp-leaf galangal fruit (Yi zhi ren), Amber (Hu po), Jujube seed (Suan zao ren), Broomrape stem (Rou cong rong), Polygala root (Yuan zhi), Chinese arisaema rhizome (Tian nan xing), Bamboo siliceous secreion (Tian zhu huang), Lycium berry (Gou qi zi)

Other Ingredients: Sucrose and Fd&c Red No. 40.


Take 20 pills, 2-3 times each day (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner).

Contraindicated during pregnancy.

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